Soft and Plush

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  • Flat Belly Multi-Sensory Plush Toy With Sound, Premium Textured Chenille Type Fabric , Available in 3 Colors

  • Flat Belly, Multi-Textured Plush Toy with Sound , 2 Styles and Colors

  • Large Sized Premium Multi-Sensory Plush Toy With Sounds. Available in 2 Styles and Colors

  • Orange Monkey Plush Toy in Textured Chenille Like Fabric. Great for Smaller Dogs and Puppies

  • Pirate Dog Toy, Multiple Textures , Available in 3 styles And Colors

  • Soft Textured Plush toy With TPR Teething Ring, Great For Smaller Dogs And Puppies

  • Textured Plush Toy With Crinkle Sounding Tail, Premium Fabric

  • Textured Plush Toy With Rope Legs, Premium Chenille Type Fabric