There’s nothing wrong with taking your dog to the park, but going unprepared and oblivious of the necessary guidelines is like knowingly putting yourself in trouble. It is nice and thoughtful of you to care for your pup and take it outside for some playful time, but very unwise if you do so without any essential prep.

It is just another way of taking care of your dog but with more thought and planning. We bring to you 10 helpful, dog park safety rules that will ensure a fun and worry free trip to the park!

Get It Vaccinated

Make sure your pup is vaccinated before you go out for those outdoor, socializing trips. Dog Parks are supposed to be fun and healthy places and not breeding ground for life-threatening diseases. There are a certain number of viruses existing in the premises that we may not necessarily be aware of.

Manners Go A Long Way

Well-mannered and obedient dogs are not only loved by all but they also let their owners have an easy time at the park. A dog lacking proper training would rudely jump on other dogs and misbehave with other pet owners in the park.

Abide By The Size Restrictions

Many parks have size restrictions for good, and have made separate designated areas for little dogs and bigger canines alike. Pups and poodles can play harmoniously without getting into any rough play with the bigger guys which may have otherwise resulted in a fight.

Be Responsive And Present

It could not be stressed more to pay attention to your dog at the park! If you have in mind to take along a book to read, or knit some yarn then you’re just deceiving yourself. Even getting lost in your Facebook feed is not acceptable.

Leave His Favorite Toys At Home

Though some parks do allow bringing dog toys, but it is only about unleashing hell. Your retriever may be attached to that special ball and not like it to be shared with the other dogs in the park. So it is never wise to spark that jealousy unintentionally.

Don’t Bring Along Any Treats

It is never wise to bring a packet or a handful of treats to the park full of other dogs. There will be complete chaos over the meagre ration, since every dog will be attracted towards the tasty treats.

Avoid Formal Wear Or Your Favorite Outfits

Don’t wear your work clothes or any other favorite outfit that you might have taken out for an engagement later that night. Wear simple and comfortable clothes that you may have no fear of getting torn up or getting dirty in the mud.

Please Do Pick Up After Your Dog

Many people often ignore the fact that they need to pick up their dog’s poop and not leave it behind for other living beings to sit or step up on. It is very unbecoming! Infected dog poop can not only harm the soil and the vegetation but may cause certain diseases to other pets and humans in the premises.

Is Your Dog Fearful or Aggressive?

You are the best judge of your dog’s nature so it is never a good idea to bring along a fearful or aggressive canine. If you have ideas of curing them by getting them to socialize with other dogs outside— it’s not recommended at all! Seek professional help from a trainer to improve the dogs’ behavior.

Be Watchful Over Your Human Children

This is just not about the children’s safety but also ensuring that your kids behave in an obedient manner. Kids have a tendency to behave inconsiderately towards other people’s dogs which is neither tolerated by the owner nor the dog.