It is great joy to share a special bond with your pets and even greater if you get to capture them in a way that does justice to their admirable personalities and adorable looks. It is a real life fact that dogs wiggle and move at the most crucial moment into capturing that perfect shot!

We all have gone through it as being dog owners. And that’s why we bring to you five helpful ways that can result in a productive dog photo shoot and help you capture that spectacular shot.

Make Great Use of Daylight

It is sensible to organize a photo shoot during daytime because that is the perfect opportunity to make great use of natural light. Outdoor daylight shoots are the best since they prevent shadows and inspire a great variety of colors and different backgrounds.

Experiment with Different Angles

It is always a good idea to experiment with various angles to accommodate the best pose of your dog. This will help you take several creative shots of your dog including eye shots, snout shots and full body shots.

Keep the Personality in Mind

Always take shots that complement your dog’s personality and that you’re the best judge of since you know them better. Every dog is special and has a unique personality. Capture what your dog does best— it could either be playing or jumping around with other dogs, while a nice little snuggle on the couch with its toys could be a great capture too.

Get Their Attention

Whenever your canine friend looks away or starts wiggling or walking away, get their attention promptly by calling their name, or making sounds that they are familiar with. You can keep treats by your side to tempt them in order to capture perfect, candid shots.

Patience Is The Key

Keep your head cool and don’t give up whenever your dog gets too excited or restless, and you end up taking blurred and unsatisfactory pictures. It is also widely believed that you can capture great pictures if you hold your breath while adjusting the focus and clicking the capture button.

In conclusion, it’s normal for your dog to not pose like a professional model in the beginning. But if you do it often, it will train your dog for the better. She will become camera friendly and would cooperate more than ever. So go outside, grab your camera, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to become famous over the Internet! Happy Clicking!