Many pet owners believe the myth that dogs are unaffected by the cold due to the inbred body fur— which is quite wrong! Under certain severe conditions, dogs do get affected by the cold and it may impact injuriously on their health and wellbeing. Some dogs require more care than dogs of other breeds. And so one must be well learned of their dogs’ breed to capably take care of them!

There are certain tips and measures one could follow to ensure their pets’ wellbeing during the months of cold flurry days without disrupting their peace, and recreational fun.

Hoard Up On Fuzzy Warm Blankies!

Be considerate and keep some extra warm blankets available not just for yourself but for your dogs too! Even if you don’t bundle them up purposefully, you must make sure they have some warmies to settle into. Everybody loves a warm snuggle now and then!

Coats And Flurry Walks

Dogs having naturally thick fur would not suffer much from walks on cold wintry days, but dogs lacking much fur would need to be bundled up. A good coat covering from the neck to the base of the tail will do the job best! Though your dogs’ ears won’t be protected out in the wind even with the coat on, it’s always a good idea to keep those walks brisk and short!

Avoid Salted sidewalks!

At all costs, avoid city sidewalks and areas that have been treated with chemicals such as de-icers and salt to thaw the frost. Increased contact with such chemicals may induce chronic dryness and affect your dogs’ paws. You can keep them moisturized through organic creams and oils, or by using Vaseline!

Restrict Time Spent Outdoors By Engaging Them Indoors

Even if your dog gets carried away dancing in the snow or drawing snow angels, you should not! Get them indoors in time to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. It would be good to also have some extra toys around the house to keep them engaged and entertained.

Throw In Some More Treats— After All ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

Leave the diet aside for some time since your dog needs more calories for producing heat to survive the extreme temperature. Throw in some love by tossing in extra treats and toys for the furry beasts!