With the world of fashion evolving every passing season, and speedy commercialization of franchises, it is not gullible to state that the pet apparel industry is to thrive and grow! People have tend to grow more fashion conscious than before due to an unrestricted access to showbiz and the Internet.

There are a number of trends that you may want to keep in mind when styling your dog, shopping clothes and accessories, or organizing its wardrobe by throwing away or keeping certain articles.

Local Manufacturers and Regional Craftsmanship

People are buying and looking for apparel and pet gear made in the US more prominently rather than purchasing imported goods, due to the increased local craftsmanship and communal productions. People have easy access to local shops, boutiques, or craft fairs featuring pet apparel that they can attend.

Personalization Is The Thing Of Today!

Every dog is special and has its own distinct personality and traits. We all have named our dogs after some special people or memories. And just the same way, our pets need detailed attention and care when it comes to their clothes. Pet jackets and coats personalized with their names or identity traits are not only just visually appealing and cute, but also very modern!

Seasonal Whims

Let’s admit, we love to dress our pets all red and green during the Christmas season. Or dress them up in sassy and gothic costumes when Halloween is around the corner!

Proper Gear For Specified Activities

Dogs that perform specified activities or tasks for or with their owners need to be properly dressed for it. Families tend to take their pets on almost all sorts of outdoor activities and it is advisable to prepare them well for it. A life jacket is necessary for you while boating, whereas your dog may need a pet-friendly life vest. Or a hunting dog will be needing a collar or a harness with proper safety details. Colder areas call for insulated boots with accurate, firm grip for a safe and warm experience.

The Matching Frenzy!

Everybody loves to show off their cherished chemistry with their pets and the special bond that they share with their pet animals. And this is effectively accomplished by sporting matching outfits that have the same contrasting colors, materials and textures etc. Myriad options and customization is available in the market nowadays.

The Coolest Franchise

Whatever that must be trending in movies, sports or television industry will always find its way in the fashion apparel industry inevitably! Harry Potter themed costumes, comic superheroes (like Superman or the Hulk) featured outfits, favorite soccer players’ number tees, or even social causes garbs are very much trending in the pet apparel industry nowadays.