Whether you got your canine companion from a friend or a breeder, a pet store or an animal shelter— every dog deserves a loving home and doting pup parents. You may love your poodle a lot but you cannot expect her to realize it the way how humans commonly perceive love. It is not about showering your dogs with kisses and hugs, expressing love towards them involves a bit of a cultured perspective and thinking. Recent research in behavioral studies proves that dogs can intuitively sense emotions. And do not like tight hugs but rather subtle gestures which help express affection that their owners have for them.

Other than being responsible and caring pet owners, you can show devotion and love to your pups in doggie language through certain helpful ways.

Lean On Your Canine Buddy!

Dogs love when their human parents lean on them. You may have noticed several times that your dog tugs and leans on you whenever you’re about to get going and occupy yourself in a task. Don’t shake them off in normal circumstances, on the other hand gently lean back on them.

Gaze Deeply Into Their Eyes

Staring down forcefully into a dog’s eyes may trigger aggressive behavior. But studies prove that staring calmly into your dog’s eyes can actually let them know that you love them. A direct and deep eye connection helps them bond better with you; establishing trust and serenity in them.

Raise ‘Em Eyebrows!

A Japanese research proves that dogs love facial movements and particularly raise their left eyebrow to express affection towards their owners when they greet them. So whenever the two of you are sharing a calm moment together, raise your eyebrows at your little sheltie!

Sleep Together

It is nice of you to have arranged a comfortable bed for your canine— but letting your dog sleep with you on your bed is more demonstrative. They absolutely love to sleep with their human owners which results in fortifying the bond and developing deep affection.

Talk To Them More Often

We may not realize but dogs are more intelligent and intuitive than they may seem to look. Several researches have proven that dogs can sense varying human emotions and state of mind. It is therapeutic and expressive to talk about your daily life’s events— share your worries and concerns with dogs. Not only will it express your love for them but also help relieve your stress.

Give Her A Belly Rub!

Dogs absolutely love massages and belly rubs! This is the ultimate way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. A lovely grooming session or a soothing massage will be dearly loved by your dog. Also, cuddling helps to release oxytocin in both the pet and the pet owner to make them feel loved.